this is rly gay i’m sorry (based on this post)

Perfect. Wonderful.

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"…Don’t you know that?"

"…Don’t you know that?"

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“all girls are catty to each other” myth actualy just statistical error. average girl is nice to other girls. Regina Georg, who goes to high school & insults over 10,000 girls each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

I think we’ve found the best one

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Hobo!Mads out and about

In honour of the 18th birthday of my dear friend Bella.
Happy Birthday!

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I want them.

Someone get these for Margot. And keep them away from Mason.



I want them.

Someone get these for Margot. And keep them away from Mason.

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Amazing Mads Mikkelsen with gray-haired braids in Clash of the Titans (2010)

Still crying because I’m not married to Draco.

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The P.R. team thinks it’s a great idea for the Avengers to do a day of volunteering at an elementary school.

In the team’s defense, no one got hurt, and the kids had a great time.

Tony made sure he stayed low and slow when he flew kids around, and he didn’t even show off his marksmanship skills.

Clint and Bucky didn’t tell them that their little juggling act was actually a series of knife tricks. And when they played assassins, they used Nerf weapons, which is okay, right? Kids use those all the time.

Sam and Steve were excellent, sitting and reading to them. Okay, so it was really a kids version of the Bill of Rights, they got a history lesson out of it, that counted for something, right?

Thor…well, Thor probably shouldn’t have made his crayon illustration of the great Avengers versus Giant Angry Mutant Earthworm Battle of 2014 quite so…realistic, but come on. Kids love that stuff. And he used glitter.

Honestly, if they’d wanted someone around with common sense, they probably should have invited Bruce, but the school board had thought the Hulk was too much of a risk. Which is dumb, Hulk loves kids, and he makes a great jungle gym, or so Clint claims.

Poor Natasha kind of terrified a lot of the kids, tbh. She tried, really, even though she’s not tiny-human-being-oriented, because it was a mission, and besides, young girls need heroes, too. She’s 100% behind that. But really all she could think to do was sit with them at the crafts table. And, ya gotta hand it to her, not a lot of people would look at the crafts table and think ‘yarn-and-popsicle-stick garrottes’. And, okay, teaching them to dislocate a grown man’s fingers was probably not appropriate.

Two days later, though, she got a letter from a little boy who’d used her finger-dislocation technique to get away from a man who’d tried to drag him into his car.

She gets it framed.

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Sex Appeal | Voted “Sexiest Man in the World” by a Danish women’s magazine. When Mikkelsen announced his intention to crop his signature floppy fringe prior to shooting Rejseholdet, TV executives panicked, fearing he would lose his sex appeal.

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some little elephants.


some little elephants.

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